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Maria M. ★★★★★

Home Organizing

Sami is amazing. She works non stop and gets it done like a hurricane. It took her just a few hours to do my closet, and a few for the kitchen. She provided storage solutions and a very friendly demeanour. I felt like I can trust her from the beginning, she is AMAZING . I wish we had more projects for her to do because I enjoyed her company too. Good luck with your business Sami ! Sky is the limit and your work ethic will take you there. Thank you so much for helping me organise the house.

Dec 23, 2020

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Oluyemi A. ★★★★★

Home Organizing

Sami is the best, she knows exactly where things should be, went shopping with her with great ideas and suggestions. She knows the right stuffs to use and buy She open to suggestions from me too. I'll recommend her.

Nov 23, 2020

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Adrienne M. ★★★★★

Home Organizing

Choose Sami as your pro! She is well worth her rate! Believe me, I am extremely disorganized so I’ve hired my share of organizers before. i always went with the lowest hourly rate, and sami proved to me that was a bad strategy. She did the work in half the time any other pro has done it, and despite the higher rate, the work was exponentially better, and she got right down to business, working diligently and efficiently... ultimately costing less than a pro with a lower rate, and with the job done faster and with exceptional quality. Her space optimization ideas were so creative, and anything I needed, such as a cube organizer or pot lid rack, she purchased for me in advance with her industry discount — at no extra charge (just reimbursement for items of course). She even boxed up things i didn’t need anymore and handled scheduling a salvation army pick up! i can’t say enough how talented Sami is at her job. i’ll never use another organizer again!

Nov 16, 2020

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Leah S. ★★★★★

Home Organizing

Wow! She really knows how to maximize and organize. Sami is a big help and worth the price.

Oct 25, 2020


Claire C. ★★★★★

Home Organizing

Sami understood my metric! I loved working with Sami, I’ve been wanting to sort out certain areas of my home for years! And when I met Sami, I instantly sense a sassy non judgmental Let’s get it done doer! She listens & collaborates with your needs and gained so many organizing tips which I’ve use to continue to use. I’ve definitely recommend Sami 🥰🙏💯

Sept 30, 2020



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